Magnetic Gaze Story


Nearly 40 years ago Fabricio Astelo met an old man in southern Italy, a well-travelled painter who also worked in a rural community.

He had something that you couldn’t really put your finger on; an aura of mistery that surrounded him, an immense charisma.

He also had intense eyes that seemed to draw people to him. It seemed like everyone just wanted to talk to him and be near him. Yet, he was just a modest man from a rural italian village. Not particularly sophisticated, well-spoken or handsome.

But there was more to this man than what you saw at first glance. Although he didn’t revealed his story and his knowledge to anyone.

Fabricio, still young at that time, through a stroke of luck, fell into his good graces and became one of his few personal students.

During the next 20 years he learned many things but one of the most important things he learned was how he could also become charismatic like that man. And the skill of crucial importance to achieve this was when he learned the Magnetic Gaze!

The Magnetic Gaze is a set of techniques and practices that transform your eyes into powerful communication and influence tools. It’s the most effective method for non-verbal communication, influence and charisma. This was THE practice that changed Fabricio’s life. So much that he spent the next 40 years doing more research and perfecting it.

Now it’s finally the right time to reveal it.

We found out that this system is older than we originally thought. We first thought it was originally from the french hypnosis teachings, where the eyes had a lot of importance and where we could locate several of the writings and exercises.

But we discovered that it has some roots in the ancient teachings of Hermeticism which is a set of philosophical and religious beliefs that shaped western esoterical thought. The figure of Hermes was venerated as a great and mythical teacher in the ancient world and was rediscovered by the finest minds of the Renaissance. The writings attributed to him are like a time capsule of Egyptian and Greek esoteric philosophy and have influenced figures including Newton and Shakespeare, Leonardo da Vinci, and Jung.

However, the full Magnetic Gaze system is a much different and hidden sect of these kind of teachings and very few people learned it in its full form.

From an old notebook, we knew that the old master of this teachings travelled to India, Tibet, China and Japan and he learned how to expand this inner power even further using their techniques, so to the best of the western knowledge, it was also added eastern teachings, so it became even more eccletic and powerful than it were before.

It seems that this system has been refined for centuries by very select few individuals. Books weren’t published about it, and very few writings are available, the knowledge is scattered among Hermetic writings, the french mesmeric hypnosis tradition, tibetan meditation systems, indian yogic teachings and even in the american new thought movement which they grab the best of the french gaze tradition and the hermetic knowledge. It never reached mainstream knowledge as other mystical traditions and it was individually developed.

During the last several thousand years, the work has resurfaced from obscurity some times – one of them during the mesmer times, yet, it quickly went away again.

Why it happened this way and didn’t become more popular?

Although we can never be sure, we assume that with the fall of Mesmer, people didn’t want to be associated with these kind of practices and then the scientific thought began to rule all the knowledge, and it faded into obscurity once again for a few centuries.

At least until now, where we are bringing back these old teachings. We believe this is the right time to bring these teachings into the light of the world. They are valuable and have the potential to be very useful in our day to day world where Inner Power is a lost concept and with the grow of consumerism and capitalism we grow weaker every day being enslaved by the banks, governments and marketing agencies.

We seem to need everything and everyone just to be happy and fullfilled. We go full out against this way of thinking and offer an alternative way of thinking, a way that empowers the individual and not enslaves it.

The Magnetic Gaze is a starting point, the same way that our Inner Power teachings is. Ideally, they are done at the same time in a way that you can sinergistically develop your eye power and Inner Power.