Magnetic Gaze Benefits


Here are just some of the benefits you’ll get by undergoing the Magnetic Gaze training:

Transform your eyes into powerful communication tools: We all heard the saying about how the eyes are the window to our soul. Eyes do tell a lot about a person but there was no step by step method to teach someone on how to actually do this on a conscious way. The purpose of the Magnetic Gaze is to consciously use your eyes to influence, inspire and attract others.

Become Charismatic & Magnetic: One of the side-effects of this training is the increase of your Charisma and Personal Magnetism. In fact, the old master in pre-World War II used to teach a part of this system to door to door milk and cheese salesmen for them to increase their sales. By undergoing the Foundations training, you’ll be well on your way to a new and charismatic self!

Covertly Influence Anyone Anytime: By using your eyes to influence others, you won’t have to bother remembering NLP or hypnosis patterns. This is a completely covert way to influence since all happens between your mind-eyes and the person in front of you. You don’t have to do any particular weird face or weird eye look. From the outside, it will look as two normal persons having a conversation.

Increase your power of inspiration: The original use of the Magnetic Gaze was to increase the charisma and influence power of the old indian Swamis. Using it, they could inspire listeners to practice their teachings and to have a more peaceful life. Now, we can use it to inspire others with our message in a way that it becomes even more powerful.

Learn ancient practices for developing your energy: For developing a Magnetic Gaze, you also develop your energy since they are inseparable. You will learn ancient practices that you can use in less than 5 minutes a day to achieve a radiant state of energy. By transforming your nervous stress energy into good and useful energy for your body, you’ll increase your health and well being.

Be able to know everything that’s happening around you: With the kind of gaze training you undergo in this training you can achieve the feeling of having eyes on the back of your head, of being completely aware of everything that’s happening around you.

Intimidate your opponents while standing your ground: By learning techniques like the Power Gaze, you’ll be able to develop a powerful gaze and intimidate your opponents. It’s a similar look to the fighter’s staredown but you can use on all walks of life, and not just if you are a fighter. You can use this look in business meetings, as a self-defense, in discussions, and so on. Be able to stand your ground and transmit this with your eyes to your opponents!

Learn how to breathe better and healthier: One of the pre-foundations of the Magnetic Gaze is your breath. Not only will you learn how to breathe in a healthier way but you’ll also learn how to transform the energy of your breathing into useful energy for your Magnetic Gaze.

Become confident and increase your self-esteem: The training of the Magnetic Gaze is more than just a non-verbal communication training, it’s something that will improve your very core, your personality. By learning these techniques and practice these exercises, the increase of your confidence and self-esteem will be inevitable. It will transform the way you look, connect and relate to other people throughout your life. It develops a highly charismatic, attractive and powerful individual which, using only the eyes, can effortlessly fascinate, influence or inspire everyone he comes into contact with.