Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


What is the Magnetic Gaze?

The Magnetic Gaze is a system of techniques and practices that transform your eyes into powerful communication and influence tools. It’s the most effective skill of non-verbal communication and influence. It’s also a system of personal and energy development that generates Personal Magnetism and Charisma within its practitioners as well as a radiant state of energy and powerful personality.


Where does it comes from?

Fabricio Astelo first learned the techniques of the Magnetic Gaze 40 years ago from an old man, living in a small village of Southern Italy who had practiced these teachings most of his life. He was a well travelled painter who also worked in a rural community. In his travels to India and across Europe he learned some interesting concepts and techniques from the travelling swamis. These swamis lived (and continue living) solely on their own charismatic self and ability to inspire people. People were drawn to them and couldn’t keep their eyes out of them. By a stroke of luck, he was accepted as personal student of one these swamis.

Among many other things, he learned how to use and manipulate energy towards your eyes and this way, use them in basic communication (like influencing and inspiring those whom he came in contact with) as well as more advanced uses (meditation and inner development). As he continued his travels, he seeked other gaze and energy masters which taught them their own energetic system. He later returned to Europe where he put this skill into good use in his own career.

He taught only a small part of the Magnetic Gaze system to door-to-door cheese and milk salesmen (remember it was a time before the second World War) as a way to help them increase their livelihood. This small part of the system was later written down in Personal Magnetism books and other sources. However, the full system he taught only to two lucky people and Fabricio was one of them.


How does it work?

The Magnetic Gaze has, in its foundations, a training of the eyes, breathing techniques, energy exercises, will and mind development.

For the Magnetic Gaze to work you have to train your eyes using several exercises for developing certain traits that increase the intensity of your eyes and increase the strength of your eye muscles. Next, it’s important to learn breathing and energy exercises as well as developing your will so that you have the necessary “fuel” for projecting whatever you want for the outside world. The mind training is necessary to make sure you can manipulate the energy correctly. These exercises also have an important “side-effect” of improving your own personal magnetism and charisma.


Is this some weird “new age” thing?

No. We try to maintain this set of practices as free of beliefs as possible. The Magnetic Gaze is not associated with any kind of religion or spiritual system. The techniques work regardless of what you believe in. But the concept of “energy” or “prana” is an essencial part of this system. If you are a skeptic and disregard anything that goes outside mainstream science, you won’t find the Magnetic Gaze System very appealing. If you are open to new ideas and willing to try new things, you’ll definitely have some pleasant surprises while training with the Magnetic Gaze.


What kind of exercises and techniques are there?

There are many different kinds of exercises and techniques taught in this course: exercises that improve your eyesight, exercises that explore different types of gaze, breathing exercises, mental exercises, energy building exercises and so on. The Magnetic Gaze is much more than just a few eye exercises; it’s a program that will transform your very core.


Are they safe?

As long as you don’t already have some eye issues and stick with the recommended guidelines, all exercises are perfectly safe and healthy. Either way, we strongly recommend asking your eye doctor about the safety of all the eye exercises before you start doing them. You might have some preexisting eye condition which can be worsen by these exercises.


What’s the difference between the Foundations course and the free course?

With the free course you get a “taste” of the Magnetic Gaze and its power but some pieces are missing and it’s not the full training. With the Foundations course you really get everything you need to get real world benefits and also the possibility of evolution on this system that the basic course will never have. You’ll be surprised to know that the Magnetic Gaze is a much broader system than you probably think.


Will the content of the Foundations course be the same of the free course?

Absolutely not. Although some exercises will be there, they are there only for reference purposes so that you don’t have to go back and forth between the courses. 95% of the course is NEW content and exercises never published anywhere else. This way, the Foundations is the IDEAL course for learning the Magnetic Gaze


Can anyone do this?


As long as you are willing to follow the program and do the exercises, you are going to develop a Magnetic Gaze. That’s guaranteed! The only caveat is that you must be willing to do the exercises… just watching the videos and thinking about getting a Magnetic Gaze will not help you achieve it.